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We carry the most comprehensive range of replacement projector lamps available in the UK. Whether it’s a compatible or a genuine lamp you require, we can help.

Read the difference between the 3, and help determine which projector lamp type is best for you and your projector!

Is it a bulb or is it a lamp? There's a difference between the two, but it completely depends on what terminology someone may use when talking about the two. A bulb is just that, a bulb! If you purchase just a bulb on its own, you will be required to fit it carefully in its housing, whereas a projector lamp is the complete unit, the bulb and the housing.

 We carry all 3 options of projector lamp: Compatible, Original (OEM) and Original Inside (VIVID). But, do you know the difference between each type? We're here to help you!


Compatible Lamp

 A Compatible lamp is a Compatible bulb (3rd party) inside Compatible housing (3rd party).

 Just like the other 2 types of Projector Lamp, the Compatible lamp comes in many brands, so you will always be able to find the perfect Compatible lamp for your projector! It is a cost-effective alternative to an Original lamp, but will fit into your projector exactly the same.

 Save up to 70% by buying compatibles!


Original Inside

 Our Original Inside lamp is also referred to as a VIVID lamp. The lamp consists of a Genuine/Original lamp inside Compatible housing. The Original Inside lamp is a cost-effective version of the Original/OEM and can be found in multiple brand models. 

 Comparable performance as the genuine at a much lower price!


Genuine Original Lamp

An Original lamp is sometimes referred to as an 'OEM lamp' which stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. The bulb of an Original lamp comes straight from manufacturers like Epson and Canon, with the housing also being Original. You may also see an Original lamp referred to as a 'Genuine' lamp, seeing as the bulb is genuine and straight from the supplier.




Can't find the projector lamp you're looking for? We can help! Contact us with your requirements and we can help you find the perfect projector lamp model for your projector at the best, unbeatable prices!


TEKLAMPS – Our own brand of high quality compatible projector lamp. TEKLAMPS use a compatible bulb inside a compatible housing.

We use only the highest quality components, manufactured under stringent design processes. The result is a very high quality, low cost alternative to genuine replacement projector lamps. You will experience the best possible image in terms of luminosity and lifespan without the extra expense of a genuine lamp. TEKLAMPS are the perfect choice both for quality and outstanding value for money.

VIVID – Genuine Inside replacement projector lamps.

VIVID use the same bulb as the projector manufacturers use, inside a quality compatible housing. This guarantees the performance will be 100% the same as the original bulb fitted by the projector manufacturer.

This means you will have the best possible image in terms of luminosity and lifespan without the extra expense of a genuine lamp.

If you have any questions about any of our lamps please feel free to contact us: Telephone: 01635 597 907 Email: at Sales@projectorlampsforschools.co.uk